Summer Opening, 2017, Two Trees, 300 Ashland Public Plaza, New York

Seduction of the Senses, 2017, Sublime Boudoir, Alder Manor, Yonkers

Perfectnever, 2016, Reebok, Skylight Studios, New York

Dancing Man, 2016, BK Bike Rave, Greenpoint Playground, New York

Beyond the Bubbles, 2016, Refinery29's 29 Rooms, New York   

Yarn Ball, 2016, Birth, Weylin, New York 

Floating Kaws, 2016, Swizz Beatz x Cultured Magazine, New York

Untitled, 2016, Weekend with Bernie, Wayfarers Gallery, New York

Bubble Tag, 2015, Brooklyn B43 Bus Shelter, New York

Pop Art! Jean-Michel Basquiat's Untitled By Robert Moy, 2015, BK Artist Ball, Brooklyn Museum, New York

Pop Art! Andy Warhol's Self Portrait By Robert Moy, 2015, Garage Magazine, New York

Pop Art! Keith Haring's Five Dancing Guys By Robert Moy, 2014, Garage Magazine, New York